Dalaria is an island nation with established nobility, a strong navy and various trade goods, including Dalarian bows, some of the best in the world, and vast selection of exotic fruits.  Dalaria has made war on other nearby islands, but have not forayed onto the continent, as their army is not large enough to constitute a real threat to most of the landbound nations.  Their government is a monarchy, with William Primus, son of the deceased King Primus, atop the throne.  Dalarian cities are prosperous and modern, with gardens that are truly beautiful.


Some of the history between the Dalarians and Edora:

Annum 163 – D’Aar Flavian visits the island nation as a guest of Prince William Primus, the heir to the throne of Dalaria.   After conquering another island nation (Simeria), the Dalarians pay Edora to “relocate” approximately 3500 Simerians into Greensdale and Bloodfang.  Prince William participates in the inaugural Tourney of the Golden Lion in Cragston.

Annum 164 – Prince William Primus wins the sword competition in the 2nd Tourney of the Golden Lion at Krak du Lion d’Or.

Annum 169 – Dalaria reneges on their treaty with Edora and Duromia, instead signing one with Trifall.

Annum 170 – The Dalarian Navy blockades Pike’s Bay for ten days.

Annum 171 – King Primus dies; his chamberlain, Lord Denton Maltor, stages a coup, seizing control of the government, forcing Prince William Primus into exile.  The prince takes some ships and gems and makes his way toward the continent and Al-Mualim, his intention to visit the Syndicate of Provision to purchase various items he feels will assist him in re-taking the throne of Dalaria.  Letters of Marque are issued by King D’Aar to privateers Captain Barnacle Brett and Commander Robert Friese: Sink or Seize all Dalarian Ships.  Friese captures Prince William at sea; the prince is taken to King D’Aar, who then finds and destroys the Al-Mualim location of the Syndicate.  King D’Aar and his nobles meet with Lord Denton and Prince William; it is determined that William shall ascend to King of Dalaria.


LARPing Dalarians at court – Dalarians have a long and proud history, and, with such a strong navy, view themselves as superior to most.  Dalarians would be at the Edoran court as ambassadors or other visiting dignitaries.  As trade is plentiful between the two lands, there could also be found Dalarian merchant lords at the Edoran court.  Otherwise, perhaps some warriors may be at court to try their hand at some of the Edoran tournaments.