Duromia is the land of the horselords.  Located along the eastern border of the Duchy of Bloodfang, Duromians are a race of men that value their freedom and independence.  There are three different, but related, groups of men (Kor Durom, Gel Durom and Bal Durom) recently brought together under the reign of King Baleek II.  The Duromian steeds they breed are considered by those who know to be the best horses in the known world.  Krakta Mal is the mountain stronghold of the giants, who have entered a truce with Duromia, trading mined minerals and stones for wheat, Duromia’s greatest crop; very patriarchal society; pagan, but recently introduced to the teachings of St. Turpin.


Some of the history between the Duromians and Edora:

Annum 162 – D’Aar Flavian, charged by the Duke Francis Hhune VII with travelling southeast of Hhune to map the lands east of Krak du Lion d’Or, meets Tiberian Maul of Duromia.  D’Aar mobilizes his army of some 970 men to help King Baleek II drive away the scourge of orcs, ogres and the like from the mountains of Altu Han.  A treaty is made with Mok Vie, leader of the giants of Altu Han – gems and precious metals from Altu Han in exchange for wheat from the Duromians.  D’Aar is awarded by King Baleek II the Duchy of Bloodfang, a mountain range as dangerous as it is inhospitable.

Annum 165 – Baron Ian Spence of Oceanview weds Princess Alana Mulan (sister of Baleek II) of Duromia, sealing possession of Bloodfang for D’Aar Flavian.

Annum 167 – Hector McPayne travels with a small contingent of men through the Gap of Woe to meet Tiberian Maul.  They are set upon by elves as a skirmish ensues.

Annum 169 – Duke Hector takes 1440 Royal and Bloodfang troops to Duromia, fighting alongside King Baleek II to help suppress an orc uprising.


LARPing Duromians at court – Duromians are akin to the Rohan from Lord of the Rings.  They are solid warriors, but their culture is not particularly advanced.  As with most humans, they range in personality from quiet to boisterous.  They could found at the Edoran court to act as ambassadors, or perhaps to present a few Duromian steeds to the king (but never a mare).   Perhaps they might be travelling through Edora on their way west, but this would be unusual, as most Duromians never leave their homeland.  There is not much trade between the two lands, mainly due to the fact that the Duromians do not want for much beyond what they have.  The teachings of St.Turpin, patron saint of Triam, was introduced to Duromia over ten years ago and is beginning to take hold.  Perhaps a holy man looking to glean more into the ways of Triam.