Ellasir is the land of the elves.  South of the Bloodfang Mountains between Edora and Duromia, Ellasir is an ancient place, where the winds of magic blow through the forest of Ellethrielle, infusing elves and elvenkin alike with natural spell-casting ability.  While there exists goodwill between Ellasir and Edora (Queen Villamira is friendly with King D’Aar), there is outright enmity between the elves and Duromia, where border skirmishes are not unknown and hostilities are always brewing beneath the surface.  This has abated in the last ten years, as the Duromians and Edorans have become allies, but the centuries of distrust still exist.  The elves stay to themselves; no known trade exists between Ellasir and any human land, as their forest provides them with all they need.  Every elf will have a modicum of magical ability, so they are not fond of Fragnal or Hhune, where magic, even naturally occurring, is forbidden.  Both males and females learn proficiency in the sword and bow, so they are more than capable of defending themselves or their land from outsiders.  As elves usually live for eight or more centuries, they have a more relaxed attitude toward time, preferring a more patient approach to decision-making.


Some of the history between Ellasir and Edora:

Annum 166 – King D’Aar Flavian of Edora sends words to Elasir regarding an expedition to Maladomini, the 7th Plane of Hell, to destroy an evil artifact.  King Villawen sends Princess Villamira to aid Duke Eamon of Rakland, who leads the mission.  The artifact is destroyed.

Annum 167 – Princess Villamira weds Duke Eamon Catawbry.

Annum 167 – Hector McPayne travels with a small contingent of men through the Gap of Woe to meet Tiberian Maul of Duromia.  They are set upon by elves as a skirmish ensues.

Annum 169 – King Villawen sends 500 elven troops to Rakland (near Dydd) to assist D’Aar and Eamon in battling some devils from Hell.

Annum 171 – King Villawen sends elves to aid King D’Aar against an army of 4000 ogres and orcs that could threaten both Edora and Ellasir.  Duke Hector McPayne of Bloodfang travels to Ellasir, as Wilhelmus Spearshaker, elven traveler at the Edoran court, informs D’Aar that Ellethrielle is dying.  Princess Aylwen is charged with assisting Hector.  She proposes re-naming the Gap of Woe “Illanir’s Pass,” in honor of her lover, slain by Hector four years past, to whom she was “practically betrothed.”  Princess Villamira of Ellasir is recalled from Rakland.  Hector gathers a group of soldiers, including Sir Kallard de Clés of Clesby, Sir Michael Terlech and Ricctis Kellach, as they re-take Oothrin Castle, center of the evil.  King Villawen of Ellasir dies; Villamira’s marriage to the Duke of Rakland is dissolved as she is named Queen of the Elves of Ellasir. 

Annum 172 – Piecing together the history of his religion, King D’Aar Flavian re-establishes some long-dead lay lines, replenishing the magical flow in Ellethrielle and rejuvenating the great elven forest.


LARPing elves at court – While elves are haughty by nature, dealing with nobles at court they will (usually) behave themselves.  They drink, but not too much, and they tend not to overindulge in food.  Ambassadors from Ellasir can be found at court; sometimes Princess Aylwen makes her way to Krak du Lion d’Or.  Occasionally warriors might be found visiting the Edoran court. However, as no trade exists, there is no such thing as an elven merchant lord.  Adventurers and travelers such as Wilhelmus Spearshaker will also visit the court.  Elven religion is a very private affair, and no elven holy men are known to the Edoran nobility.