The Knights of the Holy Order of St. Turpin
Founded 700 years ago, this order is known for its chivalry, bravery, and moneyed members.  Winning great fame on the battlefield, the Knights believe that the quest for justice reigns supreme.  Each of the Knights comes from families of power and prestige; each displays his familial device on his shield beneath the silver splayed star of Triam.  Their sole function within the Church is to make war on injustice.  The Knights do 1not consider it necessary to help the poor or the sick; justice will mete out whatever fate these lessors deserve.  Resplendent in their fine plate armor and colorful heraldry, the Knights demand and receive homage as befits their station in life.

The Five Tenets of St. Turpin 
· Be Brave and Honest ·
· Fate and Justice are One ·
· Let Combat be Judge and Jury ·
· The Hammer of Justice Swings Both Ways ·
· Death Before Dishonor ·
Saint Turpin (nee Sir Turpin) – The patron saint of the order was raised to sainthood due to his final battle – against Baalzebul, Arch-Duke from Maladomini (the 7th Plane of Hell).  Sir Turpin, a great knight from the city of Erion in Fragnal, rode forth to banish the fiend back to his own plane.  Sir Turpin died from his wounds, his body being then interred in the Cathedral d’Erion, directly after which he was raised to sainthood.  It is rumored that his lance is in an abbey in Fragnal.
Sir Garret the Bold, Knight of Triam – 260 years ago went to Hell to combat evil.  Wearing mail and carrying his shield, said to be impervious to any blow, Sir Garret never returned.
Sir Thomas Waverly, Seneschal of Wyvernhurst – Trouble struck when one day almost two centuries past a pit fiend, the most foul of the greater devils, was gated into a thaumaturgic circle in a small cottage near Wyvernhurst.  As seneschal, it was Sir Thomas’ duty to protect the city; he would have done so were it not.  Riding forth, he struck down the creature, then killed the wizard who trucked with the beast.  When the city’s priests informed Sir Thomas he had not actually killed the devil, but merely banished the beast back to hell for nine decades, he went to the Devil’s Spine to find a rumoured portal into the fell layers.  He was lost.