religious orders of triam


The Holy Men of Triam, while not exclusive to these three orders, will usually be found practicing under the tenets espoused by one of the below patron saints.  While there is not outright animosity between the three, there are differences.  The followers of St. Turpin look down on the other orders as beneath them.  The followers of St. Anton view the Knights as children playing at worship, who’ve no real care for those around them; they view the followers of St. Casio as too extreme, but still not a bad sort.  The Order of St. Casio views the Knights as primping peacocks, and the monks of St. Anton as useful, but weak.
The Most Holy Followers of St. Anton – As priests go, these benevolent clerics are truly the helpers of the indigent, the tenders of the sick, the caretakers for the elderly.  Made up of caring individuals, the Order of St. Anton can trace its lineage back over 1000 years.  In monasteries throughout the world, these kind souls treat all manner of maladies and afflictions with tenderness and understanding.  Peace-loving as an order, after their patron saint Anton, these monks do not dally in the affairs of state, preferring a more earthy approach to the devotion of Triam.
The Knights of the Holy Order of St. Turpin – Founded 700 years ago, this order is known for its chivalry, bravery, and moneyed members.  Winning great fame on the battlefield, the Knights believe that the quest for justice reigns supreme.  Each of the Knights comes from families of power and prestige; each displays his familial device on his shield beneath the silver splayed star of Triam.  Their sole function within the Church is to make war on injustice.  The Knights do not consider it necessary to help the poor or the sick; justice will mete out whatever fate these lessors deserve.  Resplendent in their fine plate armor and colorful heraldry, the Knights demand and receive homage as befits their station in life.  The current Grandmaster of the order is Sir Keswick Ravensway.
The Order of St. Casio – The followers of the teachings of St. Casio, barbarian warrior from the north, this order is extreme in its beliefs: no possessions of any note, no allegiance to any King, stolid worship of Triam.  Anything else is without the realm of Casio’s teachings, which were published shortly after his death some 475 years ago.  This faction is the most rapidly growing of the three branches of worship; it is also by far the most radical.  When they rush to battle they do so with a ferocity unmatched, to the point that reports of berserk rage during the bloodshed are not uncommon.  They help the poor, and tend the ill, but these are but appendages to the aims of this order – devoted worship to Triam above family, land, or country.