Korland is the largest land in the known world.  It lies far to the west of the Devil’s Spine Mountains, and is old and not just a little corrupt.  A land of great wealth and mystery, every manner of taste can be found there, from the capital city of Kornillia, located in the center of the country on the Kornil River, to the corrupt city of Rulais, annexed over 35 years ago and ruled by guilds and crooked nobles.  Magic and magic-users can be found there, along with the Slayers’ guild, the Assassins’ guild (a sub guild of the very powerful Thieves’ guild) and various merchants’ guilds.  Subterfuge and deceit make up the daily fare of Rulais’ ruling elite.  Korland is polytheistic, so any and all manner of religion can be found there.


Some of the history between the Korlish and Edora:

Annum 136 – Rulais is annexed as Oolan, the brilliant Rulaisian general, loses in his bid to conquer Korland.  Rulais, and all her land, are annexed into Korland.

Annum 138 – The Brick of Building is stolen from the dwarfs of Stanne Pass.  It is returned in exchange for land between Korland and the Devil’s Spine, the land to become part of Korland.

Annum 166 – Hector McPayne is indoctrinated into the Slayers’ Guild in Rulais.

Annum 169 – King Eduard of Fragnal warns King D’Aar of a threat from Korland;

Annum 171 – King Miras of Korland dies suddenly and without an heir.  The country is thrown into disarray as no one individual has been groomed for the position.

Annum 172 –Herzog Karl and Herzog Ludwig vie for the Korlish throne.  Korlish suitors visit Edora; Edora decides to back Herzog Karl.  Graf Frederek von Hufflstein, Korlish spy discovered at the court of Edora, is executed by the Edorans.  King D’Aar takes an army of almost 3500 troops west across the Devil’s Spine to aid Karl in becoming the next King of Korland.  The army of Ludwig and his allies from Trifall is routed.  King D’Aar returns to Krak du Lion d’Or with 200,000 pieces of gold.  Karl is named King of Korland.


LARPing the Korlish at court – The Korlish language would be the equivalent of German, so either that or a German accent would be good.  Every manner of trade can be found in Korland, so there is no limit to that.  Edora currently trades tobacco (pipe weed and cigars) from the Barony of Middleton with Korland, which returns oxen, sheep and other farm animals.  Ambassadors from Korland have been welcome at court, but, as noted above, this has not always worked out so well.  Females have the same rights as males, so whatever a man wishes to do a woman would also have access to as well.  Warriors, mages, merchant lords – anything is possible from the people of Korland.