LARPing at Krak du Lion d’Or

Krak du Lion d’Or is styled as a medieval great hall – a great hall with a history that has been developed over the last 25+ years that is rich in characters and opportunities for in-depth character play.  For the novice to the experienced LARPer, there is much to look forward to: nobles and pirates, elves and dwarfs, there is something for everyone.  Each event will have a main theme: a birthday celebration, a tournament or perhaps a summer feast.  Within this theme will be underlying forces: an elevation to a baroness, a warrior being knighted, a new treaty being set in place, war breaking out.  Many of the characters are recurring, with a story arc that develops further and further over the various events.  Others come once or twice a year, joining in and developing their own character.  You determine which arc is for you.  Perhaps you would like to be a noble at court, all intrigue and honor.  Maybe a privateer is for you, with your ship making runs out of Pike’s Bay as you sail behind the force of the crown.  You could play a stolid dwarf from Stanne Pass, eager to press the king for aid against the hated orcs, or a languid elf from Ellasir, visiting to discover why Princess Aylwen actually spends time with the Edorans.  You may play your existing character or we can help develop one with you – the choice is yours!  It is an immersive experience – you arrive in garb and once the doors open, the game is afoot!  And here’s how it works….


You decide to join the fun – great!  Contact us and let us know you will be attending and which character you wish to play.  You may bring one of your own design, or we can help craft a character to suit your desires.  Now you choose the level of play: do you wish to participate a little, a moderate amount, or would you like a story arc to develop around your character.  Once decided, you will receive information detailing any information your character would need and know to help foster play.  Once you arrive, play the character as s/he would actually behave in the situation.  In other words, be true to “yourself.”  Other players will react and play off you, but don’t worry – you needn’t be over the top or a theatre major to get into this and have a great time.  There is usually a feast before the event, but attendance at the feast is not required to participate in the event.

Persons of Note and How to Address Them:
King/Queen – “Your Majesty”
Prince/Princess – “Your Highness”
Duke – “Your Grace”
Baron – “My Lord”
Knight – “Sir” or “Sir [Name]”
Merchant Lord – “Sir” or “Sir [Name]”
Archbishop – “Your Holiness”
Bishop – “My Lord”
Diplomat/Envoy – “Your Excellency”

LARPing Dalarians at court:

Dalarians have a long and proud history, and, with such a strong navy, view themselves as superior to most.  Dalarians would be at the Edoran court as ambassadors or other visiting dignitaries.  As trade is plentiful between the two lands, there could also be found Dalarian merchant lords at the Edoran court.  Otherwise, perhaps some warriors may be at court to try their hand at some of the Edoran tournaments.

LARPing Duromians at court:

Duromians are akin to the Rohan from Lord of the Rings.  They are solid warriors, but their culture is not particularly advanced.  As with most humans, they range in personality from quiet to boisterous.  They could found at the Edoran court to act as ambassadors, or perhaps to present a few Duromian steeds to the king (but never a mare).   Perhaps they might be travelling through Edora on their way west, but this would be unusual, as most Duromians never leave their homeland.  There is not much trade between the two lands, mainly due to the fact that the Duromians do not want for much beyond what they have.  The teachings of St.Turpin, patron saint of Triam, was introduced to Duromia over ten years ago and is beginning to take hold.  Perhaps a holy man looking to glean more into the ways of Triam.

LARPing the Edorans at court:

Edora is similar to fourteenth-century England.  There will be knights and ladies, barons and baronesses and dukes and duchesses at court.  Trade between the Edora and Fragnal has proven beneficial for both, so merchant lords may also be found rubbing elbows with the nobles.  Privateers (pirates with letters of marque to pursue enemy shipping) sometimes visit, and the indigenous peoples from Rakland (the Raklesh) are barbarians by nature (akin to Vikings).  Holy men from the Silver City can also be found at Krak du Lion d’Or.  Business owners and mayors, along with Edoran ambassadors to other nations, may also come to visit the king or his nobles.


LARPing elves at court:

While elves are haughty by nature, dealing with nobles at court they will (usually) behave themselves.  They drink, but not too much, and they tend not to overindulge in food.  Ambassadors from Ellasir can be found at court; sometimes Princess Aylwen makes her way to Krak du Lion d’Or.  Occasionally warriors might be found visiting the Edoran court. However, as no trade exists, there is no such thing as an elven merchant lord.  Adventurers and travelers such as Wilhelmus Spearshaker will also visit the court.  Elven religion is a very private affair, and no elven holy men are known to the Edoran nobility.

LARPing the Fragnali at court:

The Fragnali (derisively called “friendly” in Edora) language would be the equivalent of French, so either that or a French accent would be good.  Trade between Edora and Fragnal has proven beneficial for both, with goods from Fragnal moving south.  Fruits and other goods from across the sea are transported north, along with tobacco and cigars produced in Greensdale, so there would be merchant lords from Fragnal at the Edoran court.  Ambassadors from Fragnal would also be at court.  Nobles would visit regularly, as many of the Edoran customs are the same as those in Fragnal.  However, as Fragnal is a much older and wealthier land, the nobles would tend to look down their noses a bit.  There have also been Fragnali knights who spend time with the king and his knights at the court of Edora.

LARPing the Korlish at court:

The Korlish language would be the equivalent of German, so either that or a German accent would be good.  Every manner of trade can be found in Korland, so there is no limit to that.  Edora currently trades tobacco (pipe weed and cigars) from the Barony of Middleton with Korland, which returns oxen, sheep and other farm animals.  Ambassadors from Korland have been welcome at court, but this has not always worked out so well.  Females have the same rights as males, so whatever a man wishes to do a woman would also have access to as well.  Warriors, mages, merchant lords – anything is possible from the people of Korland.
LARPing dwarfs at court:

Dwarfs have long, flowing beards, so that would be a good thing to wear.  Also, dwarfs are loud and (sometimes) obnoxious to those they consider beneath them.  The dwarven language is unintelligible to man, so they speak the common tongue, albeit with a Scottish accent.  They recognize strength and honor, but will never forgive a slight.  A dwarf could be sent from Stanne Pass to negotiate a new mining treaty, or an ambassador to remain at the Edoran court, or perhaps a Merchant Lord, as some dwarfs leave their homeland to make their fortunes elsewhere.  Dwarfs usually (but not always) travel in numbers, so a couple or few dwarfs at court together would be the norm.