princess katherine’s tournament

saturday august 21, 2021

Join us the afternoon of August 21st as knights vie for glory, engaging in the Sword and Joust in the First Princess’ Tournament.  If you are not a knight, do not dismay, for you may come cheer on these stalwart warriors as they contest for Princess Katherine’s favour.  Doors open at 1pm, with the contests to begin at 1:30.  Feast to follow at or about 5, with the party after that.  Please note: this tourney is for knights only, as nobles will not be participating. For tournament rules, click here.


the queen’s pirate party


saturday, may 15, 2021

Avast me hearties! The anniversary of the Queen’s birth was a rousing success!  Pirates invaded the Great Hall and gave celebration to the Queen.


11th tourney of the golden lion

FebruaRY 13, 2021 


We held the 11th Annual Tourney of the Golden Lion for the best the Kingdom of Edora has to offer. 

Joust winner: Sir Alain

Sword Winner: King D’aar Flavian

Melee Winner: King D’Aar Flavian


the anniversary of the king’s birth


saturday, january 16, 2021

We had a great mix of old friends and new friends to be as we heard a rousing tale of the Battle of Blauberg from the Herald Jude Latiolais.  The King enjoyed another year and the celebration that matched.  We were regaled with the tale of 





thanksgiving evening celebration

Many were able to celebrate with us and enjoy a full spread worthy of the times.  There was much laughter and camaraderie as we gave thanks for everything we have.



back to faire night


saturday, September 19, 2020

We had a grand celebration for the return of the Texas Renaissance Festival.  During which , we had the Knighting of Master Stephen Dering of Treesap, the naming of Sir James Cawper as Marshal of the Court and the elevation of Sir Brien Kinnear to the Baron of Corrasin.  

Sword to Sword Feast

June 27, 2020