Stanne Pass is the home of the dwarfs.  Located approximately 250 miles northwest of Edora in the Devil’s Spine Mountain Range, the dwarfs are fiercely protective about who or what enters their realm.  The dwarfs are a rigid people, loyal, headstrong and stubborn, holding grudges against those who have wronged them.   They thrive by mining the mountains for gems and precious metals, along with iron and other necessities.  Dwarfs value honor above all else; this explains their enmity toward the elves, a race considered dishonorable by the dwarfs.  They are also mortal enemies of those evil creatures who also inhabit the mountains: ogres, orcs and goblins.


Some of the history between the dwarfs and Edora:

Annum 151 – D’Aar Flavian, brother of the Knights of Triam, hires Dargon Rockbreaker, dwarven builder,  to assist in developing the defenses around Riverside.  Nine years later, Duke D’Aar again recruits Dargon to assist in the construction of Krak du Lion d’Or. 

Annum 162 – D’Aar Flavian negotiates a treaty with Underthane Varek Stonefist, wherein dwarven miners from Stanne Pass will work the Duromian mountains of Altu Han.  This will not be the last time dwarfs and Edorans will cooperate to draw valuable materials from the earth.

Annum 169 – King Urthgrim Oathkeeper sends word to King D’Aar Flavian of Edora that Stanne Pass, and its capital Ostahaar, are under siege from a demon-led army of giants, ogres and orcs.  King D’Aar, at the head of an army of over 1800 Edorans, answers the call, helping King Urthgrim defeat the fell force at the Battle for the Fields of Stanne Pass.  As thanks, King Urthgrim sends miners and wagons of gold to Edora.  The dwarfs are so impressed with Hector McPayne, the Duke of Bloodfang, that Runemaster Jarsson carves dwarven runes of Clanggad (protection) and Haela (luck) into his forearms.  Later that year, in Rakland near Dydd, Thane Varek Stonefist of Stanne Pass sends dwarfs to aid the Edorans in their battle against devils from Hell.

Annum 172 – A new mining treaty is established between Stanne Pass and the Duchy of Bloodfang.


LARPing dwarfs at court – dwarfs have long, flowing beards, so that would be a good thing to wear.  Also, dwarfs are loud and (sometimes) obnoxious to those they consider beneath them.  The dwarven language is unintelligible to man, so they speak the common tongue, albeit with a Scottish accent.  They recognize strength and honor, but will never forgive a slight.  A dwarf could be sent from Stanne Pass to negotiate a new mining treaty, or an ambassador to remain at the Edoran court, or perhaps a Merchant Lord, as some dwarfs leave their homeland to make their fortunes elsewhere.  Dwarfs usually (but not always) travel in numbers, so a couple or few dwarfs at court together would be the norm.