Fragnal (Fran-Yall), a wealthy nation about 150 miles northeast of Wyvernhurst, is a beacon of culture.  Wine, art, furniture, wool, cheese and steel – all can be found in arguably their greatest incarnation in Fragnal.  Erion steel is wrought into some of the best swords in the known world, while wines from Aquir and Chanton are the finest in the known world.  Comprised of four duchies (Aquir, Orion, Chanton and Degnerac), Fragnal is ruled by Eduard de Norral, whose family has kept its place at the head of their nobility for over 180 years.  It was his great-great-great-great grandfather, King Jean II, who was instrumental in the Great Purge (the systematic hunting down of all wizards in Fragnal and its vassal duchy, Hhune).  The people pray to Triam, the God of Justice, and the Knights of Triam began in this great land; it is rumored that the Lance of St. Turpin, whose tenets guide those same knights, is sequestered in a monastery in La Marne.  The Gegnomagne River runs from northwest of Chanton, through Degnerac and Aquir on its way to the coast, hundreds of miles away.  The nobility is old and strong, but the warriors, aside from the Battle of Bachurst, have not shed much blood in true combat in anyone’s lifetime.


Some of the history between Fragnal and Edora:

Annum 125 – Eduard, son of King Jean IV, is born.  His brother Jean is born two years later.

Annum 146 – King Eduard ascends to the throne of Fragnal.

Annum 162 – Trade established between Fragnal and the duchy of Greensdale.

Annum 163 – Nobles, including Duc Jean de Norral of Aquir, Duc Guy de Briffair of Chanton and Duc Giles de Juen of Degnerac make their way to Cragston and Krak du Lion d’Or for the initial Tourney of the Golden Lion.  They acquit themselves admirably.

Annum 165 – Giles de Juen, le Duc de Degnerac, wins the joust at the 3rd Tourney of the Golden Lion.

Annum 164 – The Duke of Hhune dies, and his son has fallen in with nefarious types – the command of Hhune is in turmoil.  King Eduard leads an army of some 4000 troops toward Wyvernhurst, where he is met by Duke D’Aar Flavian.  Beneath a pavilion in the center of town, the two negotiate the Treaty of Wyvernhurst, wherein the duchy of Hhune is sold to Flavian for 500,000 pieces of gold, timber and land in northwest Hhune near Ulath.  Laws relating to wizards will remain enforced in Hhune.

Annum 167 – Sir Hector McPayne is named le Comte de Gyronee, marrying Lady Rachel de Doinet, daughter of Sir Robert.  Duc Jean of Orion, without royal leave, leads his army toward Edora, meeting King D’Aar at a river crossing.  The Battle of Sewel Ford ensues, with the Duc’s army being annihilated.  The losses are staggering: almost 1000 dead, including le Comte de Samsonlee and another 86 nobles and men of rank.  203 nobles are captured, most notably Duc Jean, and les Comtes Tribeaux and Provion.  Edoran dead are merely 18.  Hector is named the 2nd Duke of Bloodfang, his marriage to Lady Rachel annulled.

Annum 169 – King D’Aar visits Erion, where King Eduard warns him of a threat from Korland.  The Black Eagle, le Duc d’Orion (King Eduard’s brother), is executed for treason.

Annum 171 – The Fragnali army defeats a large force of orcs and ogres south of Orion.


LARPing the Fragnali at court – The Fragnali (derisively called “friendly” in Edora) language would be the equivalent of French, so either that or a French accent would be good.  Trade between Edora and Fragnal has proven beneficial for both, with goods from Fragnal moving south.  Fruits and other goods from across the sea are transported north, along with tobacco and cigars produced in Greensdale, so there would be merchant lords from Fragnal at the Edoran court.  Ambassadors from Fragnal would also be at court.  Nobles would visit regularly, as many of the Edoran customs are the same as those in Fragnal.  However, as Fragnal is a much older and wealthier land, the nobles would tend to look down their noses a bit.  There have also been Fragnali knights who spend time with the king and his knights at the court of Edora.