history of edora

Edora is the land ruled by King D’Aar Flavian from his castle Krak du Lion d’Or.  A very new land, it has become a kingdom through conquest and shrewd deals, with the four duchies being gained in different ways.  Greensdale, the first, was an area surrounding a merchant trail from Pike’s Bay at the coast north to Hhune.  D’Aar and his companions cleared it and claimed it, building towns along the route and supplying those towns with soldiers.  Bloodfang was a gift from King Baleek II of Duromia for D’Aar’s help defeating an army of giants, ogres and orcs.  Rakland was inhabited by the people known as the Raklesh; they were hunted to virtual extinction by drow elves.  Finally, the duchy of Hhune was purchased from the Fragnali for approximately 600,000 pieces of gold.  The army of King D’Aar is strong and he uses it to suppress evil forces anywhere near Edora, even venturing west across the Devil’s Spine Mountains to aid King Karl of Korland in gaining his throne.  The nation is monotheistic, with Triam being their god.  King D’Aar is a Knight of Triam and has appointed both the head of his order, Grandmaster Keswick Ravensway (who follows the teachings of St. Turpin) and Archbishop Anton.  It is worth noting that each of these capable men helped shape D’Aar’s early adulthood.  The general populace is happy with their lot in life and views D’Aar and other Edoran nobles as fair and upstanding.  Command positions for the nobles are based on merit, and men from non-noble families have risen high within his court.



Occurring approximately 175 years ago, the Great Purge was the culminating event to the divisive policy of mages generally disregarding the desires of the Church, to wit, dabbling in magicks deemed unsavory (or worse).  As no middle ground could be reached, the church began to systematically hunt down all wizards in the lands of Fragnal, including those in the vassal duchy of Hhune.  Over the interceding years, wizards have been effectively exterminated throughout Fragnal and Hhune (it is illegal to practice magic in either land; however, magic is not illegal in the other duchies of Edora).



It is almost twenty-five years ago that D’Aar Flavian joins the church in his hometown of Riverside as a low-level acolyte, seeking to train and develop his martial skills under Father Anton, to eventually become a Knight of Triam following the tenets of St. Turpin (a long-dead Knight of Triam from Fragnal).  Those tenets are: Death Before Dishonour; Fate and Justice are One; Be Brave and Honest; Let Combat be Judge and Jury; and, The Hammer of Justice Swings Both Ways.



D’Aar Flavian is charged by Duke Francis VII of Hhune with developing defense plans for Riverside.  He enlists the aid of dwarven builder Dargon Rockbreaker to develop walls, towers and gatehouses around the town.



Hector McPayne, a farmer’s son from Riverside, makes his way with Staus Zelmox and Justinia Shepherd, developing his skill with the sword and shield under the tutelage of the Man in Red.



The 80th Summer Games of Hhune are overrun by trolls, giants and the like, as citizens of the city of Hhune are slain at every turn.  A call goes out to all able-bodied men to defeat the evil force.  Riverside has been overrun; Hector’s family is slain.



D’Aar travels with Hector and Staus south to the coast to dispatch a slaving outfit.



D’Aar Flavian is knighted, becoming a Knight of Triam.  Dargon Rockbreaker assists as construction begins on Krak du Lion d’Or.



Hector wins the 79th Winter Games of Hhune.  Krak du Lion d’Or is completed.  D’Aar takes a force of 1160 men into the Goblin Wastes, defeating an army of orcs and goblins.


ANNUM 162 

D’Aar visits Carreg Cennen, presenting the sword Lawmaker as a gift to Thegn Scorche of the Raklesh.  D’Aar begins courting Sasha Var.  D’Aar claims the land between Pike’s Bay and Middleton, naming the area the Duchy of Greendale.  Sir Seth Greenblatt is named the Baron of Middale.  Hector McPayne is knighted by Duke Francis VII of Hhune; D’Aar is charged by the duke with travelling southeast of Hhune to map the lands east of Krak du Lion d’Or to the Gegnomagne River north to Orion in Fragnal.  D’Aar discovers the cursed Al-Mualim, a once holy city.  He continues east, meeting Tiberian Maul of Duromia.  D’Aar mobilizes his army of some 970 men to help King Baleek II drive away the scourge of orcs, ogres and the like from the mountains of Altu Han.  A treaty is made with Mok Vie, leader of the giants of Altu Han – gems and precious metals from Altu Han in exchange for wheat from the Duromians.  Negotiations with Underthane Varek Stonefist secure dwarfs from Stanne Pass to work the mines.  D’Aar is awarded by King Baleek II the Duchy of Bloodfang, a mountain range as dangerous as it is inhospitable.



Hector and D’Aar dismantle the Syndicate of Provision, a black market located in Pike’s Bay, dealing in all manner of rare and expensive goods including slaves.  D’Aar visits the island nation of Dalaria as guest of Prince William.  The Dalarians wish D’Aar to “relocate” approximately 1000 Simerian families from the conquered island of Simeria back to Greensdale; 3426 Simerians are welcomed by Greensdale.  The initial Tourney of the Golden Lion is held at Krak du Lion d’Or.  Darak Gorm, Grandmaster of the Knights of Triam, wins the sword; Sir Henry Cavill wins the joust; D’Aar Flavian, Duke of Greensdale and Bloodfang, wins the melee.



The Raklesh are wiped out by an army of bugbears, trolls and giants led by Drow.  D’Aar seizes an abandoned Carreg Cennen.  Francis, Seventh Duke of Hhune, dies unexpectedly.  His son Gareth, Earl of Wyvernhurst, along with Archbishop Sorrentine and Darak Gorm, is found to be in league with the Syndicate.  They are captured and executed.  Due to this unrest, an army of 4000 Fragnali soldiers, led by Eduard, Le Roy de Fragnal, marches toward Wyvernhurst.  The knights of Hhune swear allegiance to D’Aar Flavian as his troops march north from Cragston.  Duke D’Aar and King Eduard meet beneath a pavilion in the center of town.  After two days negotiation, the Treaty of Wyvernhurst is signed, selling Hhune to Duke D’Aar Flavian in exchange for 500,000 pieces of gold, timber and some land in the northwest corner of Hhune.  The current laws in Hhune regarding wizards are to be kept in place.  The land of Edora is created, joining the existing Duchy of Hhune with the Duchies of Bloodfang, Rakland (encompassing the former lands of the Raklesh people) and Greensdale.  Father Anton of Riverside is named Archbishop of Edora; Sir Keswick Ravensway is named Grandmaster of the Knights of Triam.



Dragonwatch Castle in northwest Hhune is cleared.  The Battle with Evil is won by D’Aar, defeating a diabolical force near the Goblin Wastes.  The baronies of Hhune are established and the barons named: Sir Richard Dayrell – Dragonwatch; Sir Nicol Darci – Stonewood; Sir James Bendarian – Eastwatch; Sir William Blunde – Treefell; and Sir Hugh le Despencer – Greenwater.  Baron Ian Spence of Oceanview weds Princess Alana Mulan of Duromia, sealing possession of Bloodfang for D’Aar Flavian.  A contingent of nobles from Fragnal participate in the 3rd Tourney of the Golden Lion.


ANNUM 166 

D’Aar Flavian crowned King of Edora.  Three dukes are elevated: Sir Henry Cavill, Duke of Hhune; Sir Eamon Catawbry, Duke of Rakland; and Sir Tuomas Pironen, Duke of Greensdale.  Sir Hector McPayne named Baron of Mountaingate.  Hector indoctrinated into Slayers Guild of Rulais.  Sir Eamon Catawbry leads a force, including Baron Hector, Princess Villamira of Ellasir and others, to Maladomini, the 7th Plane of Hell, to destroy a mighty evil artifact.  They are successful, but Hector is severely wounded, Sir Eamon is psychologically scarred and Princess Villamira uses her magic to escape.



Hector McPayne “banished” from Edora, after which he travels north to the duchy of Orion, in Fragnal, to question Jean de Norral (the Black Eagle), le Duc d’Orion.  Hector is named le Comte de Gyronee and marries Lady Rachel de Doinet, daughter of Sir Robert.  The army of Orion stages on the Field of Honor before marching south to meet the army of Edora, led by King D’Aar, 75 miles northeast of Middleton.  At the Battle of Sewel Ford the Orion casualties number almost 1000 – 87 nobles and men of rank lay dead, including le Comte de Samsonelle.  Edora captures another 203, including le Duc d’Orion and les Comtes de Tribeaux and Provion.  Edora had dead numbering 18 (of 2550), most notably Baron Hugh le Despencer of Greenwater.  Sir Hector McPayne is elevated to the 2nd Duke of Bloodfang.  Eamon marries Princess Villamira of Ellasir.



A letter arrives requesting King D’Aar visit Aar to aid in a war against their mortal enemy, the land of Asur.  D’Aar returns to Al-Mualim, offering a chance at redemption.  D’Aar and a retinue of noble warriors travel to Aar, at war with Asur for as long as can be remembered, the two lands split hundreds of years ago over differing views on following Triam.  Aar is extremely rigid and devout; Asur has strayed from the path.  D’Aar meets with King Quellios Brell of Aar, where he is named “The Sword of Triam.”  D’Aar will join the fight against Asur, releasing the souls of the army of Al-Mualim to atone for their former misdeeds.  Asur is annihilated, D’Aar is feted.  The Suppression of Bloodfang begins, wherein Duke Hector sets about systematically clearing the Bloodfang Mountains.  This will last the better part of the next six years.  The dark elven mines of Suplinir are discovered.  Duke Eamon destroys another bastion of the Syndicate of Provision in Windfall.


ANNUM 169 

Duke Hector takes 1440 Royal and Bloodfang troops to Duromia to help suppress an orc uprising.  Casualties number 220.  Word arrives from Stanne Pass that the dwarfs need assistance.  The Battle for the Fields of Stanne Pass ensues against giants, ogres and orcs, with a demon at the head of their force; King D’Aar has committed 1830 men, losing not quite 300.  As thanks, King Uthgrim Oathkeeper sends miners and wagons of gold to Edora.  Pike’s Bay is quarantined as disease hits.  In Rakland near Dydd a battle against devils from Hell results in almost 150 men, including 31 knights and Baron Seth Greenblatt of Middale, being slain.  Thane Varek Stonefist of Stanne Pass send dwarfs and King Villawen of Ellasir send elves as allies.  King D’Aar visits Fragnal, where King Eduard warns of a threat from Korland.  The Black Eagle, Duc Jean de Norral, is executed for treason.  D’Aar heads to Troll Pass after Dragonwatch Castle was attacked by 300 orcs.  Still more orcs attempt to take the castle of Tyro Venides; they are set upon by warriors of Trifall.  King D’Aar re-takes the castle.  Sir Eric Taylor is named Baron of Castlemont.


ANNUM 170 

Dalarian navy blockades Pike’s Bay for ten days.  Sir Nicholas Williams is elevated to Duke of Greensdale.


ANNUM 171 

Sloegr, Abbot of Korren Abbey, arrives at Krak du Lion d’Or and tells King D’Aar of an orc attack on Korren and his abbey.  Orc troops are sighted around the forest east of Korren.  Fragnali outriders are intercepted; they too are following a very large orc army.  The Battle of Bachurst (a small town south of Orion, east of Wyvernhurst) pits a force of 4000 orcs and ogres against 2670 Edorans and elves, sent by King Villawen.  The ogres and orcs are routed.  300 Edorans are killed or crippled, including 20 knights; the elves do not disclose their casualties.  Fragnal fights elsewhere.  Duke Hector visits Ellasir, as the forest of Ellethrielle, south of the Bloodfang border, is dying.  Princess Aylwen is charged with assisting Hector.  She proposes re-naming the Gap of Woe “Illanir’s Pass,” in honor of her lover, slain by Hector, to whom she was “practically betrothed.”  Princess Villamira of Ellasir is recalled from Rakland.  Hector gathers a group of soldiers, including Sir Kallard de Clés of Clesby, Sir Michael Terlech and Ricctis Kellach, a Simerian refugee-turned-brother of St. Turpin.  Oothrin Castle is taken.  King Villawen of Ellasir dies; Villamira’s marriage to the Duke of Rakland is dissolved as she is named Queen of the Elves of Ellasir.  The evil in Oothrin is gone.  Sir Kallard is named Castellon of Southgate (nee Oothrin) Castle; he develops plans for the towers and keeps necessary to suppress the mountains of Bloodfang.  Letters of Marque are issued to privateers Captain Barnacle Brett and Commander Robert Friese: Sink or Seize all Dalarian ships.  Friese captures Prince William Primus of Dalaria at sea; the prince is taken to King D’Aar.  His father dead, the Prince intends to visit the Syndicate of Provision in Al-Mualim to purchase items to allow him to re-take his throne from his father’s Chamberlain, Lord Denton Maltor.  King D’Aar takes a group and destroys the Syndicate.  King D’Aar and his nobles meet with Lord Denton and Prince William; it is determined that William shall ascend to King of Dalaria.  The Tower of Denlianne is razed.  Sir Michael Terlech is elevated to Baron of Mountaingate.  King Miras of Korland dies.


ANNUM 172 

Ricctis is knighted, becoming a Knight of Triam.  Herzog Karl and Herzog Ludwig vie for the Korlish throne.  Korlish suitors visit Edora; Edora decides to back Herzog Karl.  Graf Frederek von Hufflstein, Korlish spy discovered at the court of Edora, is executed.  King D’Aar takes an army of 3430 troops west across the Devil’s Spine to aid Karl in becoming the next King of Korland.  The army of Ludwig and his allies from Trifall is routed; Edoran casualties number 430, including some 30 knights.  King D’Aar returns to Krak du Lion d’Or with 200,000 pieces of gold.  Karl is named King of Korland, promising to pay King D’Aar 300,000 pieces of gold over the next 5 years.  Dragons are seen battling to the east of Greensdale, in the open plains of southwest Bloodfang.  This portends the Tale of Aaron, the first Adjudicator of Triam.  Following an ancient map listing long-dead towns, D’Aar, Hector, Michael and others seek to piece together the history of their religion, discovering that hundreds of years ago the followers of Triam lost their way, prompting Aaron to travel east and begin anew, establishing the holy land of Aar.  Raised to the position of adjudicators, D’Aar and Ricctis battle former adjudicators.  Over six weeks many more battles are fought.  Some of the old cities are brought back to life, including the Temple of Triam north of Kianvale.  Its holiness immediately attracts pilgrims; construction begins on the Silver City.  Sir Kallard is wounded grievously, crushed beneath a fallen red dragon; Archbishop Anton raises him back to life at the Silver City.  Nicomedes comes to the court of Edora.  Three sites of Hellish evil are discovered in the mountains of Rakland.


ANNUM 173 

Duke Eamon is missing; it is discovered he has been kidnapped by the Syndicate of Provision.  Korland sends 42,000 pieces of gold with a letter promising not a gold piece more.  Lindarean Greyleaf details the Syndicate of Provision, located deep in the Devil’s Spine mountains.  Mai Pei meets with King D’Aar with information about Hell.  King D’Aar, Duke Hector and others meet with Urthgrim Oathkeeper, King of the Dwarfs of Stanne Pass, regarding traveling within the Devil’s Spine to destroy the Syndicate.  King Urthgrim has his army set up a diversion, allowing D’Aar and his men to eradicate the hive of the Syndicate of Provision.  Sir James Cawper visits König Karl of Korland about the gold still owed Edora.  Karl presents another 8,000 pieces, which he considers to be the final payment.  Via Ribcage (the Plane of Concordant Opposition), King D’Aar and his party travel to Avernus, the First Plane of Hell, where Tricordriaal, a fallen Archon, lives in charge of the remains of approximately two dozen Holy Men of Triam.  After besting a diabolical force, D’Aar and his troupe return to Tricordriaal and secret away sarcophagi containing the remains of 18 of the Holy Men, returning to Edora.  The remains are then interred in the Silver City, save two sarcophagi – these are returned to the Dwarfs of Stanne Pass.  Southern Bloodfang is proving problematic for Duke Hector, as ogres and giants are making trouble.  Herzog Otto von Keitel of Frei Oldenburg arrives at Krak du Lion d’Or to meet with King D’Aar and Queen Sasha, presenting them with 100,000 pieces of gold (D’Aar) and ten ships (Sasha).  He wishes help deposing König Karl; it is felt that Karl is a terrible, inconsistent king.  Hector travels to Rulais and throws a lavish party for the city’s elite, wherein he tells them of Edora’s plan to free Rulais from under the thumb of Korland.  Rulais, deeply unhappy about Karl’s heavy hand, rejoices at the opportunity to remove his oppressive yoke.  Sir Brien Kinear named Baron of Corrasin; Sir James Cawper named Lord Marshall of the Court; Stephen Dering knighted.  King D’Aar, Duke Hector, Baron Brien, Sir Ricctis, Sir James and Sir Stephen travel to Altu Han to meet with Mok Vie and some of his giants for a small tournament of honor.  The King, Duke and Sir James each wins his bout.  Herzog Otto and Graf Felix visit King D’Aar and outline a plan for Otto to take the Korlish throne with D’Aar’s aid.  D’Aar mobilizes his army and marches into Korland.  On the final day of the year, Duke Hector arrives at the camp of Karl’s army, wherein Hector details D’Aar’s plan to kill Karl and crush his army, unless Karl surrenders, in which case his army may return to Kornillia intact.


ANNUM 174 

On the first day of the new year Karl’s army is defeated handily near the Korlish village of Blauberg, from which the battle takes its name.  After hours of fighting, D’Aar finds his way to Karl and kills him in single combat; this ends the conflict.  The Edoran army suffers 270 dead, 30 of whom are knights of the realm.  The Unicorn and all bowmen were instrumental in the defeat of König Karl.  Otto crowned King of Korland.  Sir Ricctis, Sir James, Sir Stephen and Jörgen der Verfolger travel east to gather information (maps, peoples, etc.) on what lies between Edora and Aar.  They catalog the towns of Mora and Wood Stockade before coming to Noresund, realm of the Nores, a people very similar in customs and language to both the Duromians and Raklesh, where they are surrounded by a dozen riders and taken before Yorthir, Thegn of the Nores.  They then proceed to the Temple of the Falls to assist in finding the remains of Yorthir’s son.  Successful, they return to Noresund and present the remains to Yorthir; he lets them proceed east, passing small towns and villages called Elk’s Crossing, Lost River, Grions, Gorizia, Kamnick and finally the Black Plains, an old lava field.  They continue into the Jagged Peaks, stopping at a merchant crossroads named Abtu-Azul, where they purchase all manner of spices and silks to present Queen Sasha.  Passing into Aar, they make for Port Bathum, wherein they meet with Baron Darius before returning to Edora by sea.  Duke Hector builds towers south of Connton, six in all, to help safely bridge the plains betwixt there and Southern Bloodfang.  Over the next few months Hector and Ricctis begin a systematic dismantling of the ogres’ and giants’ hold on Southern Bloodfang, losing many soldiers at the sack of Outpost, as well as a few knights.  By the end of the year Duke Hector feels satisfied that the ogre shaman and his forces have been largely defeated, envisioning only a mop-up effort being required in the new year.  Sir Rodrik, Sir Caloris, Sir Findley and Abbot Sloegr stumble across the beginnings of a syndicate hive northeast of Ulath; it is broken down as quickly as they found it.  Inside a newly-grown forest south of Kianvale is found an ancient stone building – black as night and in the shape of the five-pointed star of Triam.  It seems to have been abandoned when its inhabitants moved east to settle Aar.